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Getting into the social media game? Great. Got your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts up and running? Even better. How about your video camera or phone? Are they all charged and ready to shoot when someone yells, “Action”?

Wait, what? You didn’t plan on making videos for your social media accounts? Let’s take a minute and re-think that decision.

Video is one of the greatest ways to market yourself in today’s social media/digital age. Think about it: When you scroll through your social media feeds, a good amount of posts are in what format? Video. Video attracts people’s attention because it’s easy to absorb, even more so with today’s marketers combining text and video. This combination allows you to watch the imagery on silent when on a crowded bus and still know what the heck is going on.

Whether you just want to post video to the four main social media platforms previously mentioned, or if you want to include YouTube, it’s completely up to you. Either way, you should be using video across all of your chosen platforms. Let’s dive into how you can get started and prove to you that video isn’t all that scary, expensive or time consuming.