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How Can We Help?

Justin Porembo can help.

Chief Executive Officer 484.821.0501
Justin Porembo Headshot

Mia Mecleary can help.

Chief Operating Officer 484-821-0508
Mia Mecleary Headshot

Marsha Cullen can help.

Office Manager 484-821-0513
Marsha Cullen Headshot

Cheryl Graham can help.

Membership Administrator 484-821-0502
Cheryl Graham Headshot

Allyson Lysaght can help.

Director of Professional Development 484-821-0506
Allyson Lysaght Headshot

Matthew Marks can help.

Government Affairs Director 484-821-0512
Matthew Marks Headshot

Michael Naratil can help.

MLS Director 484-821-0505
Michael Naratil Headshot

Mallory Siegfried can help.

Director of Communications 484-821-0504
Mallory Siegfried Headshot