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Allentown real estate tax bills are taking on a slightly new look aimed at expediting the processing of payments.
The 2022 bills will look almost identical to previous bills. However, the most notable changes are the address to mail the payment and the coupon that gets detached and sent in with the payment. 
According to Bureau of Revenue & Audit Manager Tricia Dickert, “In the past, the payment coupon was located at the top of the bill and is now at the bottom, with a backside that can be completed if the taxpayer requires any changes to their mailing address.” 
A new lockbox feature with TD Bank will compile the payment information and produce a file that can be uploaded to the system for payments to be applied to taxpayer accounts automatically.
The city mails approximately 47,000 bills for City Real Estate Tax every year between the initial billing in January and installment and delinquent notices throughout the year. With escrow payments being the only exception, all of these payments are processed internally. In the past, this was responsible for a backlog in payment processing which impacted how quickly checks would clear an individual taxpayer’s bank account. 
“Since the reorganization that took place in December 2020, we have made tremendous progress in processing payments and crediting accounts much faster,” Deputy Director of Finance Jessica Baraket said. “The obstacles everyone experienced over the last 18 months remind us why automation is so important to provide the quality service our taxpayers want and deserve.”
Dickert said, “It is important that every taxpayer includes the payment coupon with their check, that they indicate the amount they are paying, and that their check is written out properly.” 
Taxpayers who prefer to pay bills in person may still do so. The city will still be able to process in-person payments at city hall.