January 18, 2019

Update on new Supra eKEY app release

We are excited to share an update with you on the release of the new Supra® eKEY® app. The rollout is going well and thousands of key holders are updating their app each day.
Based on feedback, Supra identified a few tips that we want to pass along:
  • Do not delete the existing eKEY app and then install the new one, which requires obtaining a new authorization code. Existing eKEY users should use the update feature in their app store. This process does not require a new authorization code.
  • An updated version of the Android app will be released in the coming days to improve a few isolated icon and text items, as well as rare updating issues with specific devices.
The following web page contains links to all of the agent eKEY resources available:www.supraekey.com/ekey
Supra Technical Support: (877) 699-6787