September 03, 2019

Tips for Organizing an Estate Cleanout

Estate cleanouts can happen for a number of reasons. Mainly, though, they are due to difficult life events, like death, divorce, or downsizing due to debt or higher costs of living. These events are stressful on their own, but having to liquidate an entire house’s belongings only adds to the stress. Planning ahead helps ease some of this headache. Here’s how to organize an estate cleanout when the time comes.

Estate Cleanouts
  • First, it’s helpful to create a timeline. Select a specific date to complete your cleanout. This is especially important if the home has been sold or if an apartment has been leased by a new renter. Facing a specific timeline gives you incentive to move the process along.
  • Next, locate important legal and financial documents. These documents include wills, real estate titles, bank statements, social security cards, life insurance paperwork, and other financial documents.
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