September 28, 2020

Six Safety Products and Apps that will Protect You and/or Your Agents

As a REALTOR®, it’s important you have a personal safety protocol in place that you use every day with every client, like when meeting new clients, showing properties or sharing information online. There are a variety of tools you can add to your personal safety protocol, such as the smartphone apps and safety products listed here.

Note: The safety applications and products listed are for informational purposes only. They are not endorsed by nor have they been vetted by the Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS®, and their inclusion on this website does not constitute a recommendation by GLVR and should not be inferred as suggesting a preference over other applications or products currently available in the market. The information provided is a selection of safety resources designed to help you determine what tools may best fit into your personal and professional life.


KATANA Safety provides three layers of defense: KATANA Safety Arc, KATANA Safety Response Center, and KATANA Safety App.

KATANA Safety Arc provides you with three ways to trigger an alert, regardless of the situation:
  1. Silent Alert Button – press 3 times or hold down to send an alert.
  2. Quick Trigger Tab – pull down tab to trigger an audible alert at 125dbs.
  3. Hidden Wristband – can be worn at any time and audible alert is triggered if wristband detaches from Arc.
KATANA Safety 24/7 Response Center provides:
  1. 24/7 access to trained response center operators.
  2. Available whenever you feel uncomfortable or find yourself in a vulnerable situation. No matter the situation, KATANA’s Response Center is here to help you, whereas you cannot always get ahold of someone or call 911 if you feel uncomfortable.
  3. KATANA’s trained operators can dispatch appropriate emergency responders if the situation requires.
  4. For non-emergencies, KATANA’s Walk with Me feature immediately connects you to an operator until you feel safe or reach your final destination.
KATANA Safety App offers:
  1. Safety Profile – make it easier for the Response Center and any emergency responders to identify you in emergency situations.
  2. KATANA Safety Circle – add up to seven people to your Circle to be notified when you may need help.
  3. GPS location – let your Circle Members and our Response Center locate you in an emergency.
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ORA Personal Safety Alarm System

For employees who work alone or travel, there may be incidences where their safety is threatened, and/or times when they need to quickly alert help.

ORA is a discreet personal safety alarm that sends emergency alerts and your GPS coordinates to your contacts. The alert device pairs with the ORA app. When the alert button is pushed, contacts are instantly alerted, along with your GPS location. If the panic alarm isn’t cancelled, ORA instructs your phone to call 911.

ORA is the only mobile personal alert device that will make a backup call to 911. Even if your app isn’t running or if your phone is in a locked sleep state, the call will be made.

Learn more about the ORA Personal Safety Alarm System at Enter “NAR” at checkout for a 10 percent discount.

The V.ALRT is a wearable help button that can be carried discreetly in a pocket or a bag, worn on the wrist, or around the neck as a pendant. The V.ALRT uses Bluetooth® SMART technology in association with a mobile application, to initiate calls and text messages from a smartphone. With the push of the V.ALRT help button, your smartphone sends a personalized text message and GPS location to up to three pre-selected contacts.

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FOREWARN allows agents to work safer and smarter by instantly verifying a prospect’s identity and potential risks prior to a face-to-face engagement.

In seconds, with as little information as a phone number or name, agents can verify a prospect’s identity, criminal records, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, address history, and property records all in one place, leading to safer and more productive interactions. FOREWARN customers can log in and access the service via the FOREWARN mobile app or from a web browser.

Available for individual agents. Discounts are available for brokerages purchasing licenses in volume.

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Guard Llama

Guard Llama allows you to get police help with just the press of a button. The device sends a Bluetooth signal to the Guard Llama app on your phone, alerting the Emergency Dispatch Center. Guard Llama sends your GPS location, photo, and medical information to the Emergency Dispatch Center. It also alerts anyone you have on your Friends & Family Contact List. Police are dispatched. Because they have your exact location within 9 feet and know what you look like, they can find you up to three times faster than if you’d called 911 directly.

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Wearsafe uses location, audio, group chat, and one-touch 911 making it the smartest way to call for help.

At the first sign of trouble, pressing the Wearsafe Tag keeps you a step ahead of the situation. It uses the power of your phone to alert friends and family of your location, sends them audio from the scene, and starts a live chat room where they can coordinate a response or call 911. All while keeping your phone—your lifeline—out of sight.

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