December 16, 2019

Marketing Yourself as a REALTOR® on Social Media

“Kids these days – always on their phones and addicted to social media! It’s awful.”

Have you heard a statement like this at some point over the past few years? No doubt you have, as scrolling through social media seems to be the main form of entertainment in 2019. The thing is, it isn’t just young people who are addicted to social media these days. It’s everyone.

We’re all on social media one way or another, no matter which way you spin it. So why not take advantage of everyone’s presence online and use it to your benefit as a real estate professional? After all, social media is a tool that has reportedly given brokers and their agents the highest quality leads, even beating out the Multiple Listing Service.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn are some of the top social media platforms being used by real estate professionals and the like, in addition to other platforms like YouTube and blogging websites (if you want tips on how to use the latter two platforms as a REALTOR®, check out the individual articles on them in the other pages of this e-magazine).

Each platform is unique in its own way and features content differently than the other. Each has its own theme and personality, and thus it’s important to use each of them with different approaches. We’ll break it down by each platform – that way you can have a clear insight on how to approach each of them as a REALTOR®.