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Representative breakdown infographic

On Tuesday, April 28, House Bill 2412, legislation that would allow real estate services to be conducted uniformly across the state, was voted on in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives on third consideration. The bill passed 125 to 77 and will now be sent to the Senate for consideration.

House Bill 2412 is expected to be assigned to the Senate Community Economic and Recreational Development Committee. The bill should be up for consideration on the floor of the Senate when they reconvene on May 11.

How Your Representative Voted

The following Lehigh Valley representatives voted NO and believe REALTORS® are NON-ESSENTIAL:

The following Lehigh Valley representatives voted YES and believe REALTORS® are ESSENTIAL:

Leadership and staff at the Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS® extend their appreciation and thanks to the Lehigh Valley representatives who understand that housing is an essential human need. A fractured reopening of real estate in Pennsylvania would continue to impede our consumers’ abilities to purchase homes where they want to live.

We encourage the membership to reach out to their representative — contact information can be found on their linked websites above — and tell them, good or bad, how you feel about the way they voted.