July 10, 2018

GLVR Launches New Website, Member Portal

The Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS® (GLVR) is excited to announce the roll out of a new website and Member Portal.

With the help of 3Seed Marketing, a creative marketing agency based in Schnecksville, the Association replaced its cumbersome and confusing online presence with a robust, intuitive and responsive website and Member Portal.

The website and Member Portal are available at either www.GreaterLehighValleyRealtors.com or www.GLVR.org.

The journey for a new website began in early 2017 with a Website Taskforce and a request for proposal. The taskforce, which consisted of six members of the Association, weeded through six proposals and narrowed down the choices to two. After an intensive interview process and office visits, the taskforce determined 3Seed, which was already the Association’s website vendor, was the best option.

Member Portal

The Member Portal is the membership's one-stop shop for everything GLVR. Curious to know more about our Committees and who serves on them? There’s a section for that. Need the billing schedule so you don’t forget to pay your MLS fees? Got it. Not sure what the difference is between an eKEY and an XpressKEY? It’s all explained in the Supra section.

To log in, click the “Member Portal” button at the top of www.GreaterLehighValleyRealtors.com. Login information is the same as the MLS and IMS.

What else can you find on the Member Portal?
  • About - Learn more about your Association and how to contact staff and the Board of Directors. Past Presidents and Emeritus recipients are also listed here. Read over GLVR’s governing documents.
  • Committees - Details on our eight standing committees and who serves on them. This is also where you’ll find the 2019 committee application.
  • Billing - Billing policy, dues and fees, billing schedule, billing FAQs, and a link to the IMS.
  • Supra - Video tutorials, forms, how to contact Supra support, and information on key choices and equipment, pricing, reciprocity, SupraWEB, and the Supra Lockbox Policy.
  • MLS – Market Updates that date back to 1996, quarterly comps, a list of MLS vendors and how to contact their support teams, MLS training calendar, listing syndication information and directions, and an MLS support section that includes Matrix video tutorials, downloadable MLS clipart and downloadable MLS input forms.
  • Member Resources – This is where you’ll find your membership forms, membership rosters, New Member Orientation instructions, and Code of Ethics training information.
  • Government Affairs – Municipal Database, RPAC, Fair Housing… Oh, my! This is also where you’ll find a complete list of Greater Lehigh Valley state and federal legislators and GLVR’s policy statements.
  • Professional Standards – Did something go wrong during a real estate transaction? This section will help you navigate the Professional Standards process.
  • Education – From continuing education to becoming a broker to enrolling in an online class, this section will help you stay on track with your education requirements and/or goals.
  • Preferred Vendors – A list of real estate-related companies that can help you and your clients ensure a smooth real estate transaction.
Please Note: The Member Portal is open to Realtor® members, MLS participants, sponsors and affiliates. Depending on your type of membership, you may or may not see everything listed above (for example, MLS Participants do not have access to the Municipal Database or the Market Updates that date back to 1996; sponsors and affiliates will not see an MLS section; etc.).

Consumer Side

GLVR is unique in that we are a consumer-friendly member organization. We want to help our members AND their clients. The consumer website aims to do just this, in addition to being a resource that members can point their clients to.

On the consumer side of things, members and their clients will find:
  • Robust “About” section that explains what the Association does for its members and the community, in addition to how to contact staff and the Board of Directors.
  • Home search with listing information taken directly from the Greater Lehigh Valley Multiple Listing Service.
  • Buyer and seller resources that include a “Find a Realtor®” search, information on living in the Greater Lehigh Valley, Fair Housing resources, a vendor list filled with real estate-related companies, and much more.
  • News, events and articles from the Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS® eMagazine.
  • Information on how to become licensed or become a member of the Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS®.
  • A “Why Use a Realtor®” section.
  • Information and instructions for when a dispute occurs during a real estate transaction.
As with anything new and when dealing with technology, a bug or something odd might happen. Should you have any technical difficulties or a content suggestion, please contact Mallory Siegfried, E-Communications Specialist, at Mallory@GLVR.org. For technical difficulties, please include the browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) and device (iPhone, Android, MacBook, etc.) you are using.