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The Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS® (GLVR) offers a keybox system, known as Supra, to its membership. Supra has provided keyboxes to the real estate industry since 1955, bringing efficiency to real estate professionals and peace of mind to home sellers. The Supra System makes it easy for showing agents to access properties and for listing agents to track activity at client properties.

A data record is created each time a keybox is opened, and Supra’s wireless keys transmit the showing information immediately so real estate agents can obtain real-time information about showings. Client questions can be answered quickly, and feedback from showing agents can be gathered while information is fresh in the showing agent’s and client’s minds.

Accountability, real-time information and feedback are not something a standard combination keybox can provide. In addition, a reliable, secure lockbox system improves real estate agent safety and ensures that keys don’t fall into the wrong hands. With Supra, agents and their clients will always know who, exactly, is entering and leaving a property.

History of the Keybox

Delbert Williams developed the first Supra lockbox over 55 years ago. Delbert, a real estate professional, was tired of spending his time to obtain keys and then return them in order to show homes to his clients. He crafted a keybox from a Yale® bicycle lock and a sand-cast aluminum container. Although very primitive, this lockbox served its purpose well – eliminating the need for agents to search for listing keys in order to get into houses for sale. By providing this instant one-key access, the first Supra® keybox and Supra Products Inc. were born.

As our society has advanced since 1955, the industry has demanded more-secure keyboxes that also provide accountability. In 1990 the first electronic keybox was introduced – The Supra Advantage Express™. With the introduction of the iBox in 2002, real estate agents could “beam” an infrared signal to their keyboxes. Bluetooth® wireless technology was added to the line in 2010 via the Bluetooth iBox, so that Bluetooth smartphones can communicate directly with the iBox BT with no other hardware needed.

Rules for Respecting Property

When accessing or providing access to a property via a lockbox, it’s important to follow a few simple, but important, rules:

  • Be responsible for everyone you allow to enter a listed property.
  • Never allow buyers to enter listed property unaccompanied.
  • Never allow unaccompanied access to property without permission.
  • Enter property only with permission even if you have a lockbox key or combination.
  • When the occupant is absent, leave the property as you found it (lights, heating, cooling, drapes, etc.) If you think something is amiss (e.g. vandalism), contact the listing broker immediately.
  • Be considerate of the seller’s property. Do not allow anyone to eat, drink, smoke, dispose of trash, use bathing or sleeping facilities, etc. Leave the house as you found it unless instructed otherwise.

Additional professional courtesies can be found within the Pathways to Professionalism.

Supra Resources

Additional information on utilizing Supra with the Greater Lehigh Valley REALTORS® is available on the association’s Member Portal. Information includes key choices and equipment, pricing, how to cancel Supra services, how to access SupraWEB, reciprocity, troubleshooting tips, and the Supra Lockbox Policy.