Fair Housing

As you know, fair housing testing was conducted in Allentown in 2011 by the Fair Housing Council of Suburban Philadelphia at the request of Community Action Committee of the Lehigh Valley (CACLV). GLVR leadership held a press conference on June 26 in collaboration with the CACLV and the City of Allentown regarding the results of alleged violations of the Fair Housing Act and our action plan on Fair Housing initiatives.

The study tested 33 agents (whose names have not been disclosed to GLVR), 24 of which were alleged to have provided disparate treatment to the testers. Although the study represents 1.3% of REALTORS® in the Lehigh Valley, even one report of an alleged violation is one too many. GLVR takes the results very seriously. As an Association, we have zero tolerance for non-compliance.

There are nearly 2,000 REALTORS® in the Lehigh Valley and we strongly believe that the majority are in compliance with the Fair Housing Act in accordance with the Code of Ethics they subscribe to as members of the Association.

GLVR leadership worked in collaboration with CACLV and the City to create an action plan to reinforce our zero tolerance policy on non-compliance with the Fair Housing Act. The collaboration between our organizations’ leadership was instrumental in creating an action plan that is designed to reinforce our Code of Ethics to increase Fair Housing compliance, and remove barriers to homeownership. Further, our collaboration prevented those 24 agents who were tested from being prosecuted.

For your reference, below are links to resources on the issue that you will find helpful: Feel free to refer to these documents as a resource should your clients have questions about the alleged violations. If you have any questions, please contact Justin Porembo, CEO of GLVR, at Justin@GLVR.org or 610-882-4100.

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